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Magnetic Sheets
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Magnetic Sheets

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PPBJ sheets were made with some of the highest quality materials on the market with ceramic infrared mesh with Therapeutic graded magnets. These sheets are made to partner with your equine partners body to naturally stimulate recovery time after workouts, rodeos, shows, or just simple a playful turnout. These also help increase blood circulation throughout your horses body, & help reduce and eliminate muscle aches, pains, & stiffness. Remember, these are a tool to help aid in your horses recovery, but these do not take place of proper chiropractic & acupuncture work from licensed professionals.


These sheets do come with the detachable neck piece. Both pieces are a mesh material, so very breathable even in the summer months. They are NOT sold separately. These blanket have magnets all over to target all the areas that a lot of acupuncture specialist utilize in their practice to target those problem areas, & to stimulate the blood flow to those areas to replenish & help soothe the inflamed area. There are not magnets on the poll area, we do recommend a poll pack if you want to target that area well! 


I have sampled these personally, & had a red one made for the first test sample. Let me tell you, we had some work to do 😂, but I’m super proud of how these turned out in the end. I sample and test EVERY. SINGLE. PRODUCT. I offer. You guys always wonder why i don’t carry a massive amount of stock and why I’m always sold out. I don’t mass produce like some company’s may. I like custom ordering, i like supporting small businesses, & I like quality just like any other horsemen. Anywho…


Key points to take away from these sheets:

  • Each magnet is covered with a soft cushion material.
  • Adjustable chest closure with Velcro in between the adjustable closures.
  • Recommended use a minimum of 20 minutes,& up to 12 hours.
  • Machine Washable, preferably on cool setting. Line dry. Remember softer is the enemy, don’t use it on therapy items or equine boots. It will start to deteriorate the fibers. 
  • Sizes 66”-84”
  • 1100 Gauss magnet strength
  • Belly Band with hook closure & two adjustable back leg straps with clips.
  • Only one color available, mint.


***Blankets are not returnable. Due to the safety of our equine friends, we will not accept returns on these blankets once tried on.***

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Holly Gritt
Love it!

I’m a farrier, and I’ve been trying the magnet sheet on some of my clients with body soreness. It seems to help put them in a trance while I work on their hooves, so my job is easier and they’re happier!

Chris Bryant
Magnetic sheets

Mav loves his magnetic sheet. If fits nice and he loves it. Well made.

Hope Gerken
Absolutely love it!

This has helped my gelding so much! He loves it and gets relaxed instantly!

Shanna Schneider
Magnetic Sheet

Love everything about the sheet!

Deanna Bowers

I have ordered from this site many times. Fast on getting order and the stuff I've received has been more then perfect. The magnetic sheet with hood helped his a lot with his racing. Absolutely loves his blanket.