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Wholesale Program

Wholesale applicants must be a retail location or mobile store and have a State Tax ID# on file & current. 

For an opening order for wholesale we do require a minimum order of $1000.00 USD to start up with us. This does not include your shipping cost. Buyer is responsible for all shipping cost, & duties if they apply. We will not change the amount on these boxes if shipping to a different country. The cost of the product remains the same. We send invoices through our website, and apply the wholesale cost there. Once we receive the payment for the order, we will then box, measure, and weigh and send your shipping invoice separately. If you want to add insurance to your orders, please let us know ahead of time. For large orders, we do ship via UPS.

We offer our brand of Sport Boots & Bell Boots (which are ready to ship next day)

Stirrups, tailbags, hay bags, boot bags, grooming bags, fly protection, rodeo shirts, slinkys, and a few other items. Typically we make all of these items “as ordered” so they do take a few days to a few weeks depending on the quantity ordered. We are a small business, and love growing and seeing our business expand!

If you have an inactive account with us, and do not purchase within a year time frame, and this will be tracked from the date of your last purchase, you will be deleted from the system. If you want to continue to be a wholesaler, and this happens, you will have the $1000.00 start up cost again.


If interested, please send me a email! minneman199@yahoo.com & i will respond as soon as possible.