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YOUTH Mesa Serape Aztec Rodeo Shirt
YOUTH Mesa Serape Aztec Rodeo Shirt

YOUTH Mesa Serape Aztec Rodeo Shirt

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Something new to my business! Y’all are always asking for new & punchy things, so I brought you some awesome rodeo/western shirts!! Everyone needs these kind of shirts whether you show ranch riding, horsemanship, performance halter, or you are a barrel racer!! The front features a classy button down look, BUT only 3 of these buttons are functional and the others are the “fake” buttons. The cuffs on the sleeves also have functional buttons so you can make the sleeves tighter or looser on your wrists. Yes, these are the pullover type of shirts! No more opening of your shirt, getting caught on your saddle horn when running home from the third barrel. Super buttery soft material, slick, and breathable! I brought these in some super fun patterns you’ll never find anywhere else. You definitely need these in your trailer for your next horse show!



48% polyester

37% recycled

15% spandex