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Monthly Subscription Box

Monthly Subscription Box

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Pretty Polos By Jessie Monthly Boxes!! How exciting!! These boxes will contain up to 5 items, always featuring a freshie for your car & a tailbag, &/or a bigger popular item such as halters, bell boots, polos, etc. We have smaller items in there as well that support smaller businesses like our own. 

You can be enrolled in auto-billing after the purchase of one monthly box. Just ask us to set you up! You can skip a month or month(s) if needed. We do ask, that since you are already getting these items at a discounted rate, you do NOT use sezzle! If using sezzle, you will be refunded and forfeit your box. 

We do try and theme these boxes for holidays/occasions such as Christmas, July 4th, St.Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc etc. There will be LIMITED boxes available so if you want one, grab it before it’s gone!